DivibaX® and Unibax®

is the result of many years of development and it has a unique and pathbreaking design ensuring optimum user friendliness and safety for the user of the product due to the following:

  • It has a unique design with a T-shaped piece being the first horizontal vial application
  • It minimizes the risk of spreading aerosole toxicological products
  • It protects the user against needle-stick injuries
  • It is 100% protected against run-back of fluid which has always been the great challenge of the market
  • Not possible to separate the components after the mixture has been fulfilled ensuring 100% traceability of the medication thus no double medication

The connection device provides a 100% safe mix of powders and fluids between vials and IV containers.

DivibaX® and Unibax® are compatible with all 20 mm ISO standard neck – both for vials and IV containers. The device is sterilized through irradiation.

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