IV Containers

The IV container systems for liquids for intravenous infusion and irrigation have been developed by MedicoPack in close cooperation with local hospitals.

They are produced in modern production facilities that integrate high process reliability and meet stringent hygiene standards.

The production of the IV containers is carried out in accordance with GMP regulations where hygiene is strictly observed.

Initial contamination is almost unheard of. Prior to production the PP plastic granules are tested chemically and biologically to the Ph. Eur., and sampling checks are taken regularly during production to ensure a high uniform quality.

The raw material is medical grade, certified by the supplier and fulfils the Ph. Eur.

Only virgin material is used in our production according to Ph. Eur. Current Ed. “Plastic Containers and Closures for Pharmaceutical Use”.

The IV containers are environmentally compatible. In incineration the material is broken down only leaving carbon dioxides and water. About 85% of the containers are used for infusion with no drugs added to them and these containers can easily be collected, regranulated and recycled for other products.