High Performance IV containers

Semi-flexible IV containers for infusion treatment

Our IntraCon IV containers – the so-called IV bags, are made of polypropylene (PP) and are semi-flexible. It is a construction that makes our IV containers much more resistant and robust compared to traditional Form-Fill Seal (FFS) IV bags.

All our IV containers are manufactured in a controlled production environment using sterile filtered air and are regularly quality tested by use of sampling.

Efficient autoclaving

Our IV containers for infusion treatment can be autoclaved in a hanging position in your autoclave at 121° C. This means that you increase your productivity and gain economic benefit as you can autoclave far more IV containers per autoclave cycle when they do not need to be placed horisontally.

Why apply semi-flexible
IV containers?

Our semi-flexible IV container should simply be filled and autoclaved, after which the contents are ready for use.

The design means that our semi-flexible IV containers are self-collapsing during infusion, which means that the risk of air embolism is eliminated. The strong polypropylene (PP) means that our IV containers appear more robust and resistant compared to traditional Form-Fill Seal (FFS) IV bags.


IV Containers