Multilayer vials with unique barrier properties protecting against e.g. oxygen and other gases.

At MedicoPack, we have many years of experience and expertise within the development and production of multilayer vials.  We manufacture more than 4 million multilayer vials annually, the majority of which is customised designs.

As a rule, our multilayer vials are based on a PP/EVOH/PP construction. EVOH is an ethylene-vinyl alcohol-based material. EVOH increases durability and ensures the integrity of the pharmaceutical product in the best manner possible. In addition, multilayer vials normally come irradiated thus they are suitable for aseptic filling.

The combination means that the barrier properties of the vials are significantly increased which makes it suitable for e.g. oxygen-sensible products. The multilayer vial exploits the barrier properties of both PP and EVOH. The barrier layer furthermore protects fat and vitamin containing products against oxidation.

The materials meet the strictest requirements from the authorities regarding medical primary packaging and have all been approved according to US Pharmacopoeia (USP) and European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.).

Product details

50 ml

When durability counts!

Medical products become more complex, which imposes more stringent requirements on the packaging's barrier properties. Modern medical products are often volatile and sensitive to oxygen, so it may be a problem to obtain the necessary shelf life if the product is filled into a monolayer PP, HDPE or COC vial.

As a solution to this particular problem, MedicoPack offers multilayer vials. These are vials made up of a PP / EVOH / PP construction. It is a unique construction that gives the product a longer durability, as the EVOH material provides a functional barrier in both directions: it ensures formal integrity and quality, while also blocking external gas penetration.

Multilayer PP vials can contain e.g.:

If you want to know if PP vials are suitable for storage of your liquid, our development department is always ready to help you - contact us here.

Multilayer plastic packaging

  • Is much cheaper than coated glass vials
  • Can be designed with different barriers, up to 6 layers of plastic
  • Is blown by sterile filtered air
  • Is pressure tested on the machine
  • Is quality tested by use of sampling at least every 3 hours
  • Is examined for particles
  • Is bacteriologically tested
  • The vials are compatible with standard rubber stoppers and aluminium caps according to ISO 8362 and 8536
  • High impact strength - minimal risk of vials breaking on the filling line, during use and during transport
  • Can be delivered irradiated
  • Suitable for autoclaving at 121 ° C / 250 ° F for 15 minutes - autoclave guide can be sent.

50 ml

  • Product number
  • Volume
  • Material
  • Color
  • Neck
  • Sterilization
  • 1990
  • 50 ml
  • Natural or Amber
  • Ø20 mm
  • Autoclaving or Radiation