We take responsibility

We reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

MedicoPack develops and produces packaging for medical use in the field of injection and infusion therapy for the medical industry and hospitals. Through constant optimization and focus on new development, we help to support the safe use and application of drugs with the aim of preventing and curing diseases and thereby raising health globally.

Every year we produce more than 60 million vials and IV containers, therefore, we are aware that we leave footprints on the environment. This is something we take seriously, and in close cooperation with our customers, we work purposefully to support a sustainable future.

We base our sustainability focus on the UN Global Goals for sustainable development, and we prioritize the areas where we see extraordinary potential for impacting society in a more positive direction. We are particularly aware of our energy consumption and CO2 emissions during production.

3 unique advantages of plastic

1. Low weight

Basically, plastic vials are approximately 5-10 times lighter compared to glass. It therefore requires far less energy to carry and handle plastic packaging compared to glass packaging, which reduces the load on our environment. At the same time, it is easier to handle in the production as well as by the consumer, thereby reducing the risk of heavy lifting and work injuries related to this.

2. Unparalleled impact strength

Compared to glass, plastic is a much more flexible material, which means that plastic packaging for pharmaceutical products ensures the product and healthcare personnel in the best possible manner. Plastic packaging can withstand being dropped on the floor, as they do not shatter like glass. Thereby the healthcare professionals handling the medication in the hospitals avoid being exposed to hazardous substance should the accident occur.

3. Flexible design

Packaging made of plastic rather than glass makes it cheaper and easier to develop and manufacture special solutions – e.g. ergonomic shape and grip for an improved user experience, or product differentiation. It is less demanding to manufacture complex designs in plastic as it does not require production series of +1 million bottles as is normally required for glass.


The profitable and responsible choice

You save water and electricity

Water is a limited resource. And worldwide, we find that more and more countries are being challenged by the lack of water. When choosing a plastic packaging rather than glass, you reduce your consumption of both water and electricity as you avoid having to wash your containers before filling your pharmaceutical product.

You reduce your resource consumption, while at the same time shortening your production time as it is not necessary to implement a washing and drying plant in your production line. Hence, you achieve a financial gain by choosing a plastic packaging while protecting the environment.

Plastic packaging ensures smooth filling

Filling lines usually run at a high speed, which sometimes causes the vials to tip over. If glass vials tip over during filling, there is a great risk that they will break and trigger a production stop. If this is the case, the filling line must be cleaned before filling can be started again. This is a time-consuming process and a health risk. If for instance the filling content is chemotherapy, you need special equipment before cleaning can be initiated.

Would you like more information about why you should choose plastic packaging for storage of pharmaceuticals, please feel free to contact us.