Danish quality

We always ensure the most suitable packaging for your product

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical packaging for the pharmaceutical industry are met by extremely high demands on hygiene and product quality both from authorities and customers. Our optimized production setup, our efficient self-monitoring and our sharp focus on traceability ensure that we always comply with these requirements and that we can also supply the necessary documentation package.

In order to meet given purity requirements, all MedicoPack packaging is manufactured and packaged in a controlled environment, thus most of our products are packed in clean room ISO class 7 facilities. It requires that we have insight into GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and special knowledge and understanding of the requirements and conditions that apply to this type of production facilities.

We work and test as standard according to the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). However, if you need the US Pharmacopoeia (USP), this is the one we relate our work to and test against. We also have extensive experience in implementing customised quality procedures.

Quality management

All packaging from MedicoPack, whether standard range or special solution, is made from medical grade plastic materials. These are plastic materials that meet the extremely high demands that apply to the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.

The raw materials are accompanied by precise documentation of extraction. Nevertheless, we always test the plastic material before production starts, thereby ensuring that we are working with the correct raw material in the right composition.

Our quality department collects 24-hour samples of all items during production. All samples undergo both visual and mechanical control, during which they are measured against current specifications and visually inspected against an approved master.

MedicoPack is certified according to ISO 15378:2017 and ISO 14001:2015. ISO 15378 is an application standard for development, design, manufacture and distribution of primary packaging materials for medicinal products. ISO 14001 is a standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).